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Modular Kitchen Solutions

Modular Kitchen Solutions started its operation as a tiny interior décor firm in the year 2015 and have grown over the years in Delhi NCR region. We are one of the best modular kitchen designers in Delhi NCR who have delivered hundreds of interior works in the past. Our goal is to provide quality modular furnishings in a budgeted range. Home owners who are planning to give fresh lease of life to their worn out home should endeavor to hire our services.

We will install world class modular kitchens, wardrobes, cabinets, vanities, and give a new lease of life to the homes quickly.

We offer budget friendly package for all the projects and finish-off the assigned works within the stipulated time. We have different teams for different tasks, a whole team of designers who are available at your service. Carpenters, designers, contractors and others who are working in this Modular Kitchen Solutions will own maximum responsibility and do their duties in a committed manner.

Customers can choose post forming, acrylic, membrane, rubber wood, lacquered glass, polyurethane, wood veneers, steel and other types of material according to their budget and taste and inform the status to our designers who will give shape to client’s dream projects quickly. Modular kitchen Solutions has dedicated workmen, supporting staff and designers who will work closely with all the clients and build long lasting relationship.

We offer comprehensive interior design and decoration services

We use hand-picked and well tested high quality plywood, medium-density fiber board, (MDF), high-density fiber board (HDF), particle board, wood plastic composite (WPC), while give shape to our projects.

We are the best kitchen providers and have received best ratings and reviews from all our previous customers. Visitors will understand our quality of services only when they explore our gallery and recent projects which have completed successfully. Clients who hired us loved our Craftsmanship and dedicated team. Majority of the customers who hired this Modular Kitchen Solutions have given best ratings and reviews to our team. We support both online and offline customers professionally and extend our services wonderfully to our clients. Dial the number that is shown in our site and discuss your requirements with our team.

Pro Tips From our designers:

Cooking can be distressing, a break from the daily grind. It explains the growing trend of modular kitchen design solutions. Every corner can be transformed to serve a purpose. While technique and precision are important it is just as important to have a beautiful, luxurious and perfectly functioning kitchen. Here we have complied a few basic and simple tips to transform your kitchen.

  1. Pick your colors

Avoid an all-white kitchen, it is high maintenance and requires regular cleaning. You can mix and match different combinations and use the lighter colors for top cabinets.

  1. Select an appropriate height

It is possible to customize your counter height to suit your needs. Don’t opt for a higher counter in a quest to get more storage.

  1. Go for larger cabinets

Don’t break your cabinets into multiple tiny modules; it will make your kitchen look busy. Go for larger drawers that can accommodate smaller divisions within it.

  1. Don’t forget the corners

Rotating carousels, Fish carousels, elbow shelves and a range of new inventive designs are now common place. You no longer need to relegate your corner spaces to dead storage.

  1. Do away with the handles

It is possible to have cabinets and drawers without any handles; all you need is a light push, or larger handles for easy push and pull of drawers.